Go Slow to Go Fast

Posted on: March 15, 2021

The journey to buying real estate, especially for the first time is exciting, overwhelming, and complex.  Emotions cloud judgment and create swings from extreme highs to periods of frustration and stress.  No doubt it can be a bumpy road, but many of these frustrations can be avoided with some simple adjustments.

"Success is when preparation and opportunity meet."  Often, the preparation part gets rushed or altogether skipped.  Real estate is truly a team sport with your realtor playing quarterback to get you to the closing table smoothly and on time.  Taking time to have an honest, open conversation at the beginning of the process with your realtor pays off dividends.

With the market moving quickly these days, the ability to move quickly as a buyer gives you an advantage.  I recently heard this phrase and it really resonated with me.  "Go slow to go fast." Prior to searching for specific properties or requesting showings, I highly recommend spending an hour with your realtor and lender.  I can help you understand the current market conditions and what to expect after we find a place worth an offer.  Your lender can help you better understand what you can afford and or what you are comfortable paying on a monthly basis.  I guarantee if you take this measure you not only achieve your goal of finding the right home quickly but you will have a more enjoyable experience doing so.

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Ryan's initial interest in real estate began when he worked construction in the summers between his college years. He loved seeing it all come together and the work it takes to build great property.

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