North Center

North Center, Chicago is considered the heart of the northside, and the reasons are ample. The area is full of small, charming neighborhoods that each provide their own element of character and vibrance. The diverse mixture of boutiques, restaurants, small music venues, and live theater provides you with your own personal little city within a city.

The neighborhood is sought after by families due to the excellent public school system, professionals due to fantastic public transportation, and its proximity to downtown, and retirees due to the superior… well, everything. 

Although it looks historic, it’s made up of modern eccentricities. From coffee shops to parks to breweries, there’s something for everyone here. The robust community offers some stellar spots:


Theatres and Clubs

Parks and Rec

Like ribs? Chicago's Ribfest is just up your alley. Chicagoans come from far and wide (and close and narrow) to bring summer in with a bang at this annual local favorite. 

The centralized location makes lake-goers and city-goers happy, but be prepared to spend a bit more on your home in the premier neighborhood. The median price comes in at $671,000; a single-family home will usually run you over $1M, often closer to $2M. However, with that price tag, expect an inviting, strong, community-oriented environment that welcomes and caters to all!


Properties In The Area

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