Ukrainian Village

Ukrainian Village, located near Chicago’s westside and part of the West Town community, hosts a diverse group of ethnicities and religions. But as the name concedes, the vast majority of the population is Ukrainian, and the well-cultured area will not disappoint. 

This emerging Chicago Landmark District is home to numerous vibrant Ukrainian churches, an immense amount of history, including the Ukrainian National Museum, and artistic flair, consisting of:

  • Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art- an expansive setting for contemporary art that expresses the Ukrainian and American experience
  • Vertical Gallery- for those who bask in the light of urban art and its ultra-stylized imagery
  • Chopin Theatre- invites stellar productions geared toward the avant-garde 
  • Empty Bottle- welcomes the coolest names in indie music to enchant your well-tuned ears 

Artistic talent isn’t all the area offers, however. It’s an easygoing, tight-knit, fast-growing neighborhood that’s as impassioned about its art as its food. The expanding eatery scene provides locals with a strong selection of culinary pleasures, from sushi to pizza to veggie burgers to goulash; if you want it, they got it. 

The location is perfectly positioned for public transportation and easy access to other scenic Chicago-area gems. Its housing market offers residents dwellings of all styles and types, from historic multi-family condos to brand-new single-family homes, all averaging just under $500,000. 

The neighborhood is white-hot and steadily growing, so if you’re looking for that alluring city vibe surrounded by stunning homes, growing families, and a melting pot of customs, lifestyles, and savoir-faire, Ukrainian Village is made just for you.


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